La France continuera à se tenir aux côtés de la Jordanie pour faire face aux conséquences de la crise syrienne

Intervention de l’ambassadeur de France en Jordanie, M. David Bertolotti, prononcée à l’occasion de la présentation par les autorités jordaniennes du plan de réponse jordanien à la crise syrienne pour la période 2018-2020 le jeudi 1er février à Amman.
« Jordan Response Plan for the Syria Crisis »
(1st February 2018)

Your Excellency Mr. Prime Minister,
Your Excellency Mr. Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Excellencies Ministers,
Your Excellency Mr. Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to commend the government of the Kingdom of Jordan for the tremendous amount of work that has been carried out to draft this very comprehensive document, and in particular for the very efficient coordinating role led by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. I would also like to thank the United Nations, other donors and the civil society for their consistent support and input. I am myself pleased to know that France is in particular contributing to the Water taskforce.

Seven years after the beginning of the Syrian conflict, its impact on the region and the neighboring countries is still very significant. The urgency for a political process to bring about a political solution remains intact. That is why France is pursuing relentless diplomatic efforts, with others, including Jordan. With the help of the international community, Jordan has been making a considerable effort in addressing the several challenges it faces : influx of refugees but not just (I am thinking in particular of the loss of traditional export markets).

It is critical to keep supporting the resilience of Jordan to these challenges, which exert a strong pressure on its infrastructures and resources. In this regard, we welcome the increased transparency surrounding the JRP. It is key that all stakeholders, starting with Jordanians themselves, can access, and be convinced of, the measure of support extended to Jordan. Funding levels, as acknowledged by Minister Fakhoury are remarkable, though incomplete.
We also welcome the shift that has been made in the draft new Jordan Response Plan from a humanitarian to a development-oriented approach. A comprehensive resilience policy is the most appropriate way to reduce the factors of fragility and mitigate the impact of the crisis on Jordan.

This approach could be even further deepened. Indeed, while the need for humanitarian funding remains critical to address the current challenges, we think a renewed strategy moving from emergency to development should be at the core of our roadmap and of our future actions, and be reflected in each and every national strategic document.

France, along with the EU and its Member states, will remain strongly committed to supporting Jordan in facing the consequences of the Syrian crisis. AFD, the French Development Agency, has pledged 900 million euros between 2016 and 2018 and is working with MOPIC on the next period. In 2017, our pure humanitarian assistance amounted to 8.3 million euros, mostly in food assistance, education and vocational training. 95% of these humanitarian grants were delivered in the framework of the JRP. Still In 2017, we also provided, through the AFD, 158.6 million euros, mostly in loans but also whenever possible with grant components, in four main sectors : (i) water and sanitation, (ii) energy transition, (iii) local and urban development and (iv) resilience.

France has and will continuously work with its European and other partners to scale up our common response to the needs expressed in the JRP.

Finally, let me also say a few words on the new SAWA initiative in the Middle-East that AFD launched last year in response to the regional refugee crisis. This initiative funds projects with the main goals of : (i) providing a quick response to the essential needs of the most vulnerable, (ii) and preserving social cohesion between displaced populations and host communities. Yesterday, at the Board of Directors of AFD, 8 million euros have been granted to 3 reputable Jordanian non-profit organizations that will conduct in 2018 vocational training and access to employment to the benefit of both vulnerable Jordanians and Syrians throughout the country. This reflects the priority that we increasingly want to place on growth and fighting unemployment.

Again, all my thanks to the Government of Jordan for this significant work towards addressing the consequences of the Syrian crisis. As reiterated in Davos by President Macron to His Majesty the King, France will continue to stand alongside Jordan to this end and is pleased to give its full endorsement to the 2018-2020 JRP./.

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InterventionAmbassadeur M. David Bertolotti.
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