HE Mrs. Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and HE Mrs. Véronique Vouland-Aneini, Ambassador of France to Jordan, launched on December 11th 2019 at the RSCN Ajlun Forest Reserve the first training program for adventure guides in Jordan in cooperation with the National School for Ski and Alpinism of Chamonix - France, the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and its operator the Jordan Tourism Board.

More than fifty Jordanian guides, both men and women from all the Kingdom, will be trained in hiking, canyoning and climbing techniques during an 18 month curriculum delivered by the mountaineering guides of the internationally recognized ”school of Chamonix” located near the Mont Blanc, French Alps. The training will also focus on security issues, protection of the environment and local heritage alongside with technical and physical skills.
The training will lead to a recognized certification, allowing local actors to meet the expectations of Jordanians and international tourists in terms of safety and skills.
Tourism sector in Jordan is a major economic growth driver in the country and France, which receives millions of visitors every year, is proud to accompany Jordan in its endeavor to develop and professionalize the booming sector of adventure tourism.
Through this project and in line with the National youth employability strategy, France aims at consolidating its action in the tourism sector, thus participating to the renewed dynamism which will ultimately lead to the creation of more jobs in Jordan.
During the launching ceremony, the French Ambassador expressed her pride to see Jordanians from all over the Kingdom enrolled in this first Training program provided by National School for Ski and Alpinism of Chamonix, one of the best Mountaineering schools worldwide.


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